Malaysia is hands down one of the cheapest place to watch a movie with state of the art sound system and comfortable cinemas in the World. Sabah is famous for the wildlife and islands but when it rains, you’re basically stuck and have to wait for the storms to pass. What better way to spend your time than watching the latest movies with some popcorns. Best place to go is Suria Sabah Mall (GSC) or Imago Mall (MBO). 🥤🍿🎥🎬

Souvenir Shopping

It’s always good to bring back something from the country you’ve visited, it’s a sign that you’ve been there and sometimes gives the feeling that you’re still there just by looking at it. We highly recommend you visit this shop if you’re looking for some souvenir or some local delicacies to bring home. Borneo Recipe is a well known shop for their professionalism at helping tourist find what they’re looking for from coffee to soft toys, they simply have it all at a very reasonable price. Find the @ borneorecipe.com 


Kota Kinabalu Waterfront hosts a great numbers of Pubs & Restaurants. It’s a great place to enjoy the breathtaking sunset while sipping on your favourite wine accompanied with a cheese platter.  Happy hours is the normal time that locals come to release and relieve after a hectic workday. (5Pm – 9Pm)🍻🍸🥂🌅


A little party after dinner? Some of the more famous places, 999 Bar or you’ll find some near the Waterfront too. 🥃🍷🍾🎉